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The History of Interplay

Founded in 1996 by Fred Haas and Sabrina Brown, Interplay has been inspiring musicians of all ages from around the world. Our experienced music faculty focuses on key aspects of the improvisational art of jazz and other creative art forms, integrated with daily yoga and meditation.​


The first summer we had 7 faculty members and 18 students. Interplay has grown to 30 faculty and staff and often 80 full-time students and many more part-time students who participate in our evening activities (big band, gospel choir, and jam sessions). The focus of our daytime activities is small group improvisation and the development of the broad range of skills that are necessary to play and improvise in a jazz combo.​


We have always had, and continue to support a strong vocal jazz program with several master teachers as well as faculty and student accompanists for the vocalists to work with during the day and at the evening jam sessions. Vocalists build repertoire, create arrangements and develop style, getting valuable input throughout the day. Evening jam sessions give everyone the opportunity to practice new tunes and reinforce their skills.​


In 2007 with our move to Woodstock, Vermont, our focus on community engagement increased. We invited community members to join us in evening sessions, offered free performances, and began to collaborate with local arts organizations. This has continued with our move to Kimball Union Academy in 2019, where the camp currently resides each Summer.​


Since its inception, Interplay has held at least one weeklong jazz camp each year open to musicians of a variety of ages and levels of experience. As part of these workshops, all students and faculty perform for each other and in public venues. Students attend instrumental or vocal master classes, study music theory, ear training, jazz composition, and arranging, and develop their performance skills under the supervision of faculty members in both large and small vocal and instrumental ensemble settings.​


In addition to the annual weeklong Interplay Jazz & Arts Summer Intensive, Interplay has also organized one, two, and three-day educational workshops for instrumentalists and vocalists.​ 


In 2013, we applied for and received 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the federal government and created a board of directors.

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